BitDefender AntiVirus Plus 2017

BitDefender AntiVirus Plus 2017
Developed by: BitDefender
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Main screen - You'll see in the top right hand corner that Auto Pilot is enabled. Auto pilot is a new feature that stops any alerts or pop-ups - keeping user involvement to a minimum while still protecting your computer.

Anti-virus - The main interface has five main panels with the first and most important being Anti-virus. Here you can quickly select quick, full system and custom virus scans. You can also perform a vulnerability scan. In the third panel you'll see we are manually checking for any signature updates.

Quick scan - Uses in the cloud scanning to detect viruses and other forms of malware on your computer - it uses a lot less system resources than a full or custom scan. A quick scans took around two minutes on our computer.

Anti-virus settings - You can set the protection levels for both on-access and general anti-virus scans. You have the option of aggressive, normal or permissive levels. We found several false positives with aggressive mode, so we'd recommend you use normal mode for each.

Customize on-access scans - You also have the option of customizing on-access scan options. Its really only worth altering your settings if you feel that its having a negative impact on your computers performance.

Alerts - BitDefender AntiVirus Plus picked up our test virus with seconds of it being created. BitDefender uses real-time protection and we found its effect on the system performance to be minimal.

Protection events - Any actions taken by BitDefender AntiVirus Plus are recorded in the events feature. The most important are the virus scan actions and here you will see that highlighted in read an infected file was detected and placed in quarantine.

Quarantine - Our test virus has been quarantined. All infected files are stored in the quarantine area where they are safely isolated from your computer. Here you can easily send the suspected file to BitDefender AV labs for further investigation. Sending suspected files helps keep everyone's computers protected.

Vulnerability scan - Checks for the latest Windows security updates and application updates such as Adobe Reader & Skype. It also checks for weak passwords which you'll see in the scan summary has identified several.

Privacy settings - Phishing attempts have increased alarmingly in recent years and now security software companies such as BitDefender are including anti-phishing tools with their anti-virus software. We recommend you have all anti-phishing tools enabled.

Website protection - Websites that contain viruses, malware or attempt phishing scams (attempt to gain your credit card details) can be detected by BitDefender toolbar. It will immediately alert you when a website appears unsafe and stops you from accessing that page.

Search engine - BitDefender scans search results from popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing and alerts you to any potentially dangerous websites.

Identity rules - You can stop your personal data being sent through website forms, email & internet messaging tools. You can stop bank account numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses, passwords & social security numbers.

Identity rules - You can decide which users you want the rule to apply to and which scanning protocols you want to select.

Network map - The network manager lets you manage different installations of BitDefender Antivirus Plus on one computer. You can remotely set passwords, run scans and fix updates.

Updates - By default virus signature and software updates happen silently in the background without you knowing, but if you don't want to know when updates occur you can ask BitDefender to give you a quick alert.

Online account - BitDefender AntiVirus Plus now comes with an online account that provides a variety of information and features. You can view your licenses, access articles & FAQs, download documentation and submit support tickets. You can also access additional security services such as mobile security and social networking website protection.

Social networking protection - Safego - Using cloud scanning technology Safego protects you from security threats through social networking websites such as Facebook & Twitter. It scans your wall, comments, messages and links. We tested it out on a Facebook account - it installs a small App that checks for security threats.

General settings - You can apply a password to your anti-virus if you feel you want to restrict the settings. Here you can enable game and laptop modes.

Quick information - In the bottom right hand corner you'll see a question mark. If you press this it will reveal further question marks that provide user interface information when you hover over them with your cursor.

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